Our services


1.  Social services



We guarantee the supply of meals and day-to-day essentials (e.g. clothing and sanitary products). For years, our medical doctors have been providing health services to clients, and we make sure that international hygiene standards are met. When commissioned by our contracting authorities, our tradesmen and women ensure the maintenance of the relevant infrastructure.

Social Care 24/7

Very well trained, multi-lingual social workers provide information about everyday living and organize leisure activities for all groups of refugees. The reliable and fair observance of house rules and entry controls ensure the basis for general security. Pre-integrative activities (language training, rights of women in western societies, etc.) are provided upon local request.


We provide experts who are familiar with all the processes and procedures necessary for managing large-sized accommodation centres for migrants; these include quality standards for social work, IT-systems for documentation and communication with all local authorities, suppliers and partners.


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2.  Labour market integration


After the receipt of the legal employment papers from the local authorities, ORS offers a wide range of support to facilitate the integration into the labour market. We

  • determine each individual’s skills and strengths through our assessment of abilities, competences and experiences,
  • train clients in both specialised and general tasks
  • accompany them through the entire process of entry into the workforce (often but not necessarily in partnership with public employment services)
  • we subsequently place them in one of our partner companies and
  • continue to support them and their employing company after the start of their employment contract.




1. Quality 

We are certifed for our quality standards by the Swiss Association for Quality Management (SQS). In total we hold 6 certificates in various areas, such as management, hygiene and training.  




We work very closely with external partners in providing support and the development of concepts. These include the University of Klagenfurt and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) among many others.

We use a specialized ERP system, which includes case management and scanning functions for seamless documentation of persons receiving care and support.


2. Neutrality

  • Our origin is neither religious nor political.
  • We are determined to provide the best care for our clients, but we will never take part in, or counsel for their legal proceedings to gain asylum status.
  • We always coordinate our public relations with our contracting partners. 


At ORS we work very hard to provide the best care for refugees and at the same time provide a worry-free, all-in-one solution for state and local authorities.
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